Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So how'd this all happen??

Well truthfully it really began with Geo's message board at www.turntablistnetwork.com

I first signed up circa 2005 looking for new battles to enter and hoping to network with good deejays all over the country in hopes that I could step my game up. At first I was intimidated and I lurked for a couple of months while I worked up the courage to post. There were all sorts of crazy discussions going on, comedy, weird videos, original music, random events, and general good-natured shit talking.

"Who were these 'Trooperz'?"

"Who was this 'Fat Fingaz' with his giant red letters?"

Eventually I began posting and I became involved in all sorts of crazy, off color discussions with topics ranging from pop culture to intense political dialogue. What tied us all together was the common thread of deejay battles. Over the years, battles began to die out... ITF (International Turntablist Federation), thanks Alex Aquino, Guitar Center's Spin Off, Vinyl Kombat, The All-Star Beatdown, Kool Mixx, etc... all disappeared. POOF!

The discussions became more and more a reflection of what was currently happening to Hip Hop and there was the lingering question,

"Is hip hop dead/dying??"

Re-enter Christie Z-Pabon...(you may recognize Christie, as she had a cameo in the Doug Pray documentary film, Scratch)

Christie Z-Pabon was the head of DMC USA for a time in the late 90's through 2000, argueably some of the best years of American Competition. Christie left her post to work on Tools of War a Grassroots Hip Hop PR/A&R company. She began resurrecting the Park Jams of the 70's and 80's via FREE ALL AGES summer events at parks all over New York City. Well, Christie came back in 2007 to attempt to revive DMC USA which frankly hadn't done so hot in her absence.

I digress.

Christie Z is also a moderator of Dj Geometrix's message board, and I asked if there was anything I could do to help. The seed had been planted... We messaged each other back and forth and eventually exchanged phone numbers, and I began to make my dream of bringing this battle to New Orleans a reality. After a failed attempt in 2008, I began work shortly after the January 1st 2009. With the help of Grassroots New Orleans, Truth Universal, Soundclash, Lyrikill, Dj Soul Sister, the GoDjs, Louisiana DNB, and my friends who really believed in me, I proceeded to walk a path that no one has walked.

I want to thank all my family on Geo's board:

Christie Z, Sally Mclintock, I-Dee, Quix, Geometrix, Dj Supreme, Marcus Pinn, Image, Eddy the Dj, Dini, AS One, Dj Revel, Fatfingaz, Manils, Gizmo, Loop Skywalker, Steel, Solo, Precision, Rob Swift, Roc Raida, Ty Handswell, Marilyn Sasha, Esquire, Rugged One, Etronik, Mr. B, Teeko, Swan... Glad to know y'all. Can't wait until the US Finals!!!

I want to thank my New Orleans family:

Beverly Skillz, EF Cuttin, Dj Soul Sister, Lyrikill, Truth Universal, my Handsome Willy's family, Supercool Dj Kazu, Brice Nice, Prospek, the GPC, D.O.N., Impulss, Know One, Able Chris, Soapbox, Dj Real, Sqratchmo, Private Pile, Twen Bums, Dubla Music, Tygah Woods, ARAjay, Doomsday Device, Mercure, Dj Spin, Dj BlacknMild, Force Feed Radio, Damion Yancey, Edward Maximillion, Rik Ducci, Hektik, 3d Na'tee, Bomshell Boogie, Raj Smoove, Dj Hollaback, all my GoDj fam, Proppa Bear, Resin, Yellow Frank, C-Bass, Bones, El Williams, Mike Swift, Poochy Rivera, Da U Boys, ICU, Ben Brubaker, Holly Hobbs, Jeff B, Rob Brunet, Jay Skillz, Ally Bea, Tia Dame and anyone else I forgot... I couldn't have done this without y'all.

Thus it begins...

You can check Christie Z out at Tools Of War and DMC USA Drop her a line. Check out her FREE PARK JAMS happening every weekend in NYC. She's on Facebook also...

You can check out www.turntablistnetwork.com, follow @djgeometrix @dj_i_dee on twitter... Check out the message board for all random goings on in the world of deejaying.

Also check out my friend Gizmo across the ocean in the UK at www.skratchworx.com and www.skratchlounge.com

Also follow @dmcchamps and @sallyDMC on twitter, and while you're at it follow me too @tony5kratchere

Don't forget to add our myspace... DMC NOLA


Peace y'all... More later!

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