Monday, July 28, 2014

365 Days of ART day #1

Art Project Blackout (365 Days of Art) 

Prologue: Beauty is embarrassing.

Stephannie & I watched ‘Beauty Is Embarrassing’ this weekend. ‘Beauty Is Embarrassing’ is a documentary from 2012 that chronicles the life of artist Wayne White. He’s a brilliant, endearing, and fascinating guy. He just gained a permanent spot at the “If you could have dinner with three people living or dead” table. The film is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

Part 1: The Genesis

Well, this began a dialogue with myself about art. I can draw and paint. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was very little, and I’ve found over the last decade as I’ve dedicated more time to the art of deejaying my time and energy for sketching, painting, or doing art projects has severely waned.

Initially I thought it was just because I had started a business and was just busier focusing my attention on this thing that was Doggy Dog World. People get caught up, that’s OK. Then I had an epiphany. Although starting a business played a part in the crumbling of my creativity, it has more to do with time management, laziness, and distraction. The downturn in my creative output can be pinpointed as the minute I decided to start social networking…, then facebook, then twitter, then Instagram… Not to mention that the internet’s super power is its time sucking ability. We all know it. You’re reading this in your own version of the time-suck.

Well, with Wayne White still resonating in my brain today… I’ve decided to do dedicate an entire year to making art. I want to work in as many different mediums as I can. I will let my creativity run wild. Every day I will fill up as many pages in my existing sketchbooks as I can. When they’re filled, I’ll get more. Then markers… Oh fuck yeah!!! Prismacolors!!! Next canvas. Paint. Maybe do a big sculpture in my back yard… WHO KNOWS????

Part 2: The Rules

For this to be an Art Project, I need to be very specific about my process and my intentions. This will also serve as a commentary on the current state of the role of technology in our lives.
Time management is key here. Over the course of this experiment, I will attempt to ween myself off of social media and the greater internet at large. Having already pretty successfully weened myself off of television and my life has been enriched as a result.

RULE #1: 30 minutes on social media per day. If I’ve got time to browse the web and fuck off, I’ve got time to do something constructive and creative. I would also like to take this time to develop real life relationships. I enjoy having conversations and getting to know people. A year of making art, making friends, and making art with friends is the core principal.

RULE #2: Always Be Creating (ABC) A sketchbook and pencil or pen must always be within arm’s reach. A notepad or idea pad goes with me everywhere. I must write. I must create. It is why I was put on this earth. Actively pursuing creativity in all forms and outlets is the core principal.

RULE #3: Imagine it. Start it. Finish it. Release it. (ISFR) This project is all about output. Project development and project management must be of the highest priority. Creating art with a purpose is the core principal.

RULE #4: Have fun. Keep it light and humorous. Having fun is the core principal of life.

So today, Monday July 28, 2014 marks day 1 of my journey. See you in the aether. Time to get busy. Wish me luck. Here's to Wayne White, making art, and having fun. 


The Skratchman 

Friday, March 30, 2012


--The Stooges Brass Band Collaborates with Legendary Producer Mannie Fresh--

Los Angeles, CA—March 29, 2012— This week, the Stooges Brass Band visits the Red Bull Studio in Los Angeles, claiming their prize for winning the 2010 Red Bull Street Kings brass band competition. The band elected Mannie Fresh to be behind the boards producing the tracks. The results of this collaboration look to be explosive.

“Much of the recipe for my music and production is influenced by the New Orleans brass band sounds and traditions,” offered Mannie Fresh. “This studio project is bringing it all back to the roots for me, and now we’re merging it with innovation and technology.”

Results of the studio session can be heard during the first weekend of JazzFest on April 28th, 2012, when the Stooges Brass Band and Mannie Fresh will perform together at Maison on Frenchmen Street. Documentation efforts will be released prior.

Mannie Fresh, a legend in New Orleans and one of the most influential producers in hip-hop, began his career in the mid-80s but became known worldwide for the Cash Money sound of the late 90s/early 2000s. He is responsible for creating hits for superstars including the Hot Boys and it’s members Juvenile, Lil Wayne, & B.G. as well as his own group the Big Tymers.

The Stooges Brass Band are one of the best brass bands to emerge from New Orleans’ iconic second line traditions. From weekly gigs in clubs to second line parades throughout the city, they are constantly in the mix, fusing traditional brass band standards with hip hop, r&b, jazz and pop into a constantly fresh and evolving sound.

“Our band has been positively impacted by this project on many levels, starting with the momentum created during the frenzy and excitement of the initial competition in New Orleans all the way through this current opportunity to work and record at Red Bull Studio Los Angeles with Mannie Fresh & his crew,” remarked Walter Ramsey, leader/trombonist of the Stooges Brass Band. “The music we are making here at this moment is just the beginning of the next phase in the evolution of the New Orleans brass band sound.”

Red Bull Street Kings is a brass band showcase which pays homage to the legacy of brass bands in New Orleans while offering a platform for the top emerging bands to innovate their sound. For more info on Red Bull Street Kings, visit:

For media inquiries contact Scott Lopker at 504-390-6328;

DMC NOLA x Redbull Music Academy Presents: "A Night Of Champions"

Soooooooooo... Here's the official info.

DMC NOLA is now in its fourth year. I'm so proud of the love and support the city has shown to the DMC organization. You've come out every year in full force and we've had some great battles. Well a lot has happened within DMC in those four years. Most notably the addition of Serato and other DVS (Digital Vinyl Systems) programs into the competition. This addition is probably one of the most important thing to happen to dj battles in history. As the competition evolves with technology, a dj's possiblilities are now endless. We can now use these rare grooves that we would've never dared to subject to the punishment of a DMC routine. We can now use our own produced tracks. We can now use tracks that were never ever available on vinyl. In short the battle is better, and the playing field has been leveled.

That said, my friends at Redbull Music Academy have co-opted an event in conjunction with DMC and the NCAA Final Four basketball championship. On Sunday, the off day of the tournament, we are staging the DMC NOLA Regional Qualifier along with a 2-on-2 BBoy Battle, and club sets from Dj Shiftee (2007, 2009 World Champion) and Dj Vajra fresh off his 2011 World Championship, Dj Spin (2011 Redbull Thre3Style Champion) and the Stooges Brass Band (Winner of Redbull Street Kings Brass Band Battle).

In the midst of this heated basketball championship, we bring you a competiton. We also bring you past DJ champions at the height of their careers. It is a brilliantly curated idea, and I'm proud to be able to bring this AMAZING event to all of you.

Here's how the event will break down:

6:00 pm - Doors open and shortly afterward Dj Shiftee will be doing a showcase using the newest Native Instruments controller NOT AVAILABLE YET TO THE PUBLIC.

7:00 The prelimonary round of the DMC battle will begin. Each dj who has signed up will perform a two (2) minute routine for the judges. From that initial round, six (6) finalists will be chosen.

7:45 The final round of the battle will begin. Each dj will have six (6) minutes to thoroughly impress the judges. If you have never seen a DMC battle before, IT IS INTENSE. These these guys practice sometimes for months to perform a six minute routine. They pull out all the stops and their main goal is to amaze the audience.

8:45 The winners are announced. There will be a first, second, and third place winner announced. Prizes will be awarded, and victory laps taken.

RBMA "A Night of Champions" begins...

9:00 Dj Spin will do his thing along side the Stooges Brass Band while the Bboy & Bgirls warm up for the battle.

10:00 The BBoy Battle begins... If you have never witnessed a BBoy battle, there is very little I can do here to describe it. Its like if dancing, acrobatics, and kung fu had a baby. That baby would be a BBoy.

11:00 The Winners of the BBoy Battle are announced, prizes awarded and victory laps taken.

11:10 DJ Vajra will control the turntables showcasing his World Class dj skills for all to dance and party!!

12:45 DJ Shiftee will take the party to another level as he closes out the night for all the hardcore party-goers.

*If you're a deejay and want to enter DMC NOLA here's what you've got to do:

TO REGISTER :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

DJs must register by or before 11:59pm on March 31st, 2012 by writing to DMC USA’s Christie Z-Pabon at with the following info:

Which city/battle you are entering?

DJ Name
First Name & Last Name
Complete Address, Apt or House
Website, facebook, twitter, etc.
Crew affiliation
Which mixer do you prefer: Rane TTM 56S or Rane TTM 57SL
Please answer honestly Yes or No to this question:
Are you a US Citizen or have you lived in the US for at least 6 yrs and can prove it?

If you've got any questions, feel free to email them to me ( or Christie Z. Pabon (

Thanks for your continuing support... SEE EVERYONE ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Redbull Music Academy: New Orleans Session 3/26/12

Red Bull Music Academy New Orleans Session

This Monday, March 26th, Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) comes to Frenchmen Street for a New Orleans Session to give local music makers a chance to experience a taste of the academy and learn more about its application process.

The event will unfold in two parts.

From 6:30-8:30p, RBMA will host a live conversation series with legendary hip hop artist DJ Total Eclipse and former RBMA alumni Jneiro Jarel and Alexei Michailowsky.

Jneiro and Alexei will kick-off things off by discussing their individual backgrounds and music and how their musical paths lead them to be participants at RBMA in 2003 & 2004, respectively. Jneiro is an innovative producer who originally hails from New York, but recently relocated to New Orleans. He has developed several musical alter-egos over the years including Dr Who Dat and Willie Isz, and he is currently one half of the innovative new hip hop act JJ Doom, along with MF Doom. Alexei is a pianist from Brazil, who gravitated towards synthesizers and electronic music early in his musical pursuits. He now teaches electronic music at college in Brazil and is currently working on a PhD project around the music of legendary Brazilian composer Marcos Valle. The two RBMA alumni hail from two different continents but have remained friends after meeting at RBMA 2004 in Rome, and they are currently experimenting with reworking Valle's music with a collaborative spirit.

DJ Total Eclipse will then share his story with guests of the session. Total E is a pioneering turntablist from New York City who was an original member of the X-ecutioners turntablist crew. He will be discussing how New York City influenced his artistic endeavours and how the X-men revolutionized the perception of the turntable as an instrument.

At 9:30p, the RBMA New Orleans session will kick into another gear, with an after-party hosted by Glen David Andrews and his band on their regular Monday night Frenchmen Street gig. GDA is one of the best live performers in the city and is welcoming the NOLA RBMA session into his Monday night residency to get a first-hand glimpse of different styles of music. The night will unfold as follows:

Live Conversation Series
6:30-7:30 Alexei Michailowsky & Jneiro Jarel (RBMA alumni)
7:30-8:30 Total Eclipse (legendary turntablist of X-ecutioners from NYC)

Live on Stage
9:30-10:15 Glen David Andrews Band
10:15-11:15 Jniero Jarel & Alexei Michailowsky (electronic tribute to Marcos Valle's music of Brazil)
11:15-12:15 Glen David Andrews Band
12:15-1:15 DJ Total Eclipse (rare funk breaks and classic era NYC hip hop set)
1:15-Until Glen David Andrews Band (improv closing with possible collaborations)

All events will take place at d.b.a. located at 618 Frenchmen St in New Orleans. There is no cover for the earlier session if you RSVP to prior to 3p on 3/26/12. Otherwise there is a $5 cover for the night and attendees must be 21 years of age.

Select sets from the evening will be recording and available for streaming later at

About RBMA:

The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-travelling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who shape our musical future. Past lecturers since 1998 include Bob Moog, Steve Reich, Erykah Badu, Chuck D, Tony Allen, Bootsy Collins, Sly & Robbie, M.I.A., Mark Ronson, Kode9, Moodymann or Moritz von Oswald. Each year, two groups of 30 selected participants - producers, vocalists, DJs, instrumentalists, and all around musical mavericks from around the globe - are selected from close to 10,000 applications to come together in a new city each year for two weeks worth of recording sessions, lectures by musical luminaries, and unforgettable late night jams.

The 2012 Academy will be held in New York City this fall, and RBMA is currently accepting applications. All applicants must be 21 years of age on or before September 30, 2012 and all applications must be postmarked by April 2nd, 2012. For more information or to download an application, visit

Red Bull Music Academy Radio is the Academy's web radio station that features 1000s of exclusive live recordings, interviews, mixes, and documentary-style feature shows - with more uploaded each day. Launched as a spin-off of the Red Bull Music Academy workshop series in 2005, RBMA Radio has taken giant leaps over the past years, building a vast resource of content from more than 50 countries right across the globe. Start listening now at Search "New Orleans" to find sets recorded in New Orleans or featuring New Orleans artists.