Monday, July 28, 2014

365 Days of ART day #1

Art Project Blackout (365 Days of Art) 

Prologue: Beauty is embarrassing.

Stephannie & I watched ‘Beauty Is Embarrassing’ this weekend. ‘Beauty Is Embarrassing’ is a documentary from 2012 that chronicles the life of artist Wayne White. He’s a brilliant, endearing, and fascinating guy. He just gained a permanent spot at the “If you could have dinner with three people living or dead” table. The film is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

Part 1: The Genesis

Well, this began a dialogue with myself about art. I can draw and paint. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was very little, and I’ve found over the last decade as I’ve dedicated more time to the art of deejaying my time and energy for sketching, painting, or doing art projects has severely waned.

Initially I thought it was just because I had started a business and was just busier focusing my attention on this thing that was Doggy Dog World. People get caught up, that’s OK. Then I had an epiphany. Although starting a business played a part in the crumbling of my creativity, it has more to do with time management, laziness, and distraction. The downturn in my creative output can be pinpointed as the minute I decided to start social networking…, then facebook, then twitter, then Instagram… Not to mention that the internet’s super power is its time sucking ability. We all know it. You’re reading this in your own version of the time-suck.

Well, with Wayne White still resonating in my brain today… I’ve decided to do dedicate an entire year to making art. I want to work in as many different mediums as I can. I will let my creativity run wild. Every day I will fill up as many pages in my existing sketchbooks as I can. When they’re filled, I’ll get more. Then markers… Oh fuck yeah!!! Prismacolors!!! Next canvas. Paint. Maybe do a big sculpture in my back yard… WHO KNOWS????

Part 2: The Rules

For this to be an Art Project, I need to be very specific about my process and my intentions. This will also serve as a commentary on the current state of the role of technology in our lives.
Time management is key here. Over the course of this experiment, I will attempt to ween myself off of social media and the greater internet at large. Having already pretty successfully weened myself off of television and my life has been enriched as a result.

RULE #1: 30 minutes on social media per day. If I’ve got time to browse the web and fuck off, I’ve got time to do something constructive and creative. I would also like to take this time to develop real life relationships. I enjoy having conversations and getting to know people. A year of making art, making friends, and making art with friends is the core principal.

RULE #2: Always Be Creating (ABC) A sketchbook and pencil or pen must always be within arm’s reach. A notepad or idea pad goes with me everywhere. I must write. I must create. It is why I was put on this earth. Actively pursuing creativity in all forms and outlets is the core principal.

RULE #3: Imagine it. Start it. Finish it. Release it. (ISFR) This project is all about output. Project development and project management must be of the highest priority. Creating art with a purpose is the core principal.

RULE #4: Have fun. Keep it light and humorous. Having fun is the core principal of life.

So today, Monday July 28, 2014 marks day 1 of my journey. See you in the aether. Time to get busy. Wish me luck. Here's to Wayne White, making art, and having fun. 


The Skratchman