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Rules of Culture IN THE HOUSE!!!!!

So in the spirit of communication, education, art and literature, I told y'all that I would be interviewing local artists and the movers and shakers here in the local scene that wish to be represented. My first interview is with Fi3ld. He lives and works in Shreveport (only temporarily folks keep your fingers crossed). We go back a few years and I'm glad that he is the first person I interview on this blog.

Fi3ld and Dj 360 Degrees getting down in the studio!!!

So, I tried for about a week to get a good interview with Fi3ld from Rules of Culture. We emailed back and forth and this is the transcript:

T5: So yeah, I know that you've been around for a while... Tell the people about yourself:

Fi3ld: Alrite people . . . I go by Fi3Ld (pronounced Field or Fee-uld) and I'm a hip hop head, advocate & connoisseur. Hip hop gets the utmost respect from me because it provided an avenue to discover and define my true self. I'm an MC and graphic designer whose sole mission is to preserve a culture that had a profound impact on me, so that it might do the same for somebody else.

Define yours...

T5: Tell me about Sandia and Rules of Culture:

Fi3ld: Sandia is merely an outlet created by DJ 360 Degrees & myself for our hip hop and drum n bass releases. The name is taken from a US government contractor lab specializing in nuclear weapons research. It's all about dropping bombs . . .

Rules of Culture is a totally different beast. It's an assembly of like minded cats who bring a different piece to the puzzle. The motto is 'Define Yours,' which refers to the ability to utilize any of the 4 elements of hip hop to express yourself. The only constant within the RoC fam is you've gotta believe in your craft if the crew is gonna have your back. This provides for a network of talented cats who can provide insight to each other's projects, giving a more well rounded result.

T5: Hip AND DnB humbrah??! Which came first your love for Hip Hop or your love for DnB??

Fi3ld: Obviously the hip hop came first because it was around first . . . My dad got me 3 cassettes back in the gap : Beastie Boys' License to Ill, Run DMC's Raisin Hell, and LL Cool J's Bigger and Deffer . . . Now you've got to understand the scenario - A single, law enforcement employed father, raising 2 boys in the South in the 1980's, so it's safe to assume he bought me these tapes as a joke . . . Well, I promptly learned the tracks, then busted in his room and said, "Get out your video camera, I need you to go ahead and film this music video . . . " The video was of the track "I'm Bad," and featured me in our dirty trailer, suited up in a sweatshirt with no sleeves and some jams doing some spastic moves to the entire track - and if you know the track - IT'S LONG! But that was the thing that got me then and catches me now when he breaks the video out - it's the serious demeanor with which all of this went down . . . no laughing (on my part, at least), no jokes - just a 9 year old white boy who was REALLY FEELING THE MUSIC, regardless of the social or political opinions of ANYBODY . . . and THAT is why hip hop is so important to me, because it wasn't just a fleeting fad but a lifestyle and culture . . .

As far as DnB goes, hip hop played a huge part in that as well . . . As you know, Louisiana is home to New Orleans, which in turn, is home to the State Palace Theater . . . So in the mid to late 90's, I, along with other kids had to break out of Northern Louisiana and come down that way to see what all the fuss was about . . . Well after a party or two, I found myself a little disappointed that this new electronic music culture didn't give me the same feelings that hip hop did when I was first turned on to it . . . So I'm walking by this side room and I hear some of that good hip hop being blended with this electronic music so I stopped and started asking questions . . . Turns out I'm listening to a DJ from Dallas named Squirt who was a very influential character in the Southern DnB scene around that time . . . Well I grabbed a few tapes from him (The Yellow Tape!) and started following this culture very seriously . . . After studying the roots and history of it, I wanted to try my hand at it . . . I started mashing hip hop & DnB together, first as a DJ, then as an MC, meeting and teaming up with several extremely talented artists and musicians along the way (big up SODL & OTB SoundSystem!) So many heads these days are either one or the other when it comes to these two styles, but since the both had a great impact on me, I've always wanted to do what I can to give back to these cultures in my own way . . .

T5: Well... not only are you known for being a DNB/Hip Hop MC, you're also an amazing graphic designer. You seem to have your hands in a lot of cookie jars. Any other projects you want to tell me about??

Fi3ld: Thanks for the props on the graphics bro . . . don't you still owe me some lessons??? Nah, between graphics, music, my wife & soon-to-be child, I've about used up any spare time or energy I may have had available . . . As far as the graphics go, I've always been an art aficionado, but it kinda got moved to the side when I started concentrating full time on music . . . But after Katrina & Rita ripped the coast, I picked it back up, mainly to promote unity among a torn & rebuilding culture down this way . . . I started back up doing graphics for and before long, I was so booked up with websites, logos, flyers & album art, that I really didn't have time to finish my album that I was originally working on . . . So I put all that on a couple month hiatus, finished & dropped the album, "It's Always Something" (shameless plug) and continued working on graphics for a lot of these local cats . . . Through this, I've been exposed to a huge music culture throughout the South that I never knew existed . . . and in case you didn't know - this region is FULL of talented people who do really good things - musically, graphically & culturally . . . As far my music schedule goes, I'm working on collaborative projects with a handful of people including: DJ Wally (DnB & hip hop projects), Reverend Scooter Jackson (Brown River Bizness), Twin Brothers Darkness (Saturn's Pattern), Kryptic Soul System, Company of Strangaz & a grip of slept on producers such as: Kaneda (Jonesboro), Noir Ghost (Houston) & Stik2daTrakz (Houma - this kid is unbelievable!!!) . . . Being a product of such wide range of influences, I'm down to work with just about anybody on anything, being that they're down to put in work as well . . .

T5: Well SIR, it seems like you're an extremely smart and driven humid being who's setting himself up for success. Congrats on your little MC-to-be. I know we'll be seeing and hearing a helluva lot more from you. Any last words, shout outs etc...??

Shouts... Okay here we go . . . First & foremost to my wife Brittney - she's my number one supporter & inspiration - that might sound cheesy, but get you one that's down for you and you'll say the same! Next up - Rules of Culture crew & fam - Kaneda, DJ 360 Degrees, Reverend Scooter Jackson, Gary & Loki of Twin Brothers Darkness, E Phlat, C. Omen AKA Fairchild, Clizzy Houston, Sham1, StikTrakz, Jinks AKA Franklin Yellownore Roosevelt, Skip Gregory, Lance L., Kid Klymaxx, Chris Garcia, Ribbz & DocStafari of Kryptic Soul System, Slim Poche' AKA Cisco Kid, Damien Echols, Damabala & Indo . . . extended fam goes something like this: oTTo, Kaotic & Verbal of Company of Strangaz, DJ Wally AKA Pish Posh, Papa Zero & Son of a Blitch from Dead PA and Gray Matter & MC Exact of Illegal Alias . . . Finally, to all other influences & inspirations I've come across over the past few, like: Resin of Louisianadnb, E-Merge, Greenleaf, Beebe, Simian & Gris Gris of Below C Level, Brix & the Dragon's Den, Black Swan of Louisiana Dubstep, Syllable 7 & the Got Green cats, Tony 5kratchere, Paul B, La Kid, Seryical, Selekta Olu & Club Culture, Tester of Trilogy Sound, Truth Universal, Caligula, MC Collaborator, Swell, Unprdktbl MC AKA Yung Foe, and J-Dub of Sp00M and everybody else who continues to push our music, art & culture for the sake of its' integrity . . . that SHOULD be it, but I'm sure I left SOMEBODY out!

Fi3ld & Dj 360 Degrees with the fisheye lens!!!

You can get in touch with Fi3ld through his myspace: Give him a friend request, check out his music and shoot him some comments. He's always down for a collab and if you need some graphic design, there really is no one better. So everyone thank Fi3ld for the information and for giving me a some never before published pics of Fi3ld and 360!! Thanks homie!!!

You can check Fi3ld out live on July 3rd with Aphrodite at the Warehouse in Shreveport, July 4th at the Dragon's Den for Truth Universal's GRASSROOTS monthly hip hop showcase!!

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