Thursday, July 21, 2011

Me the athlete

Its been so long, I almost forgot that I was once an athlete. Ten years of gymnastics, fifteen years of B-Boying, and twenty years of skateboarding seemingly got lost somewhere in what I became. Biking 15 miles every morning before dawn has re-awakened that part of me. What I had forgotten, my muscles seemed to remember. They are now thanking me for it. Who I really am is not the couch riding lazy guy that I had grown so accustomed to being. I now know that a huge part of me is directly connected with fitness. This fitness is not only physical, but it somehow is connected to my mental health. There is a big part of myself that is at the core, never satisfied with the status quo of life. Everything can be better, I can always be better, I can always do better, make smarter moves. I am a bar raiser. I was not happy in so many ways, in fact, I was miserable. I can see this pretty clearly. The only evidence of this lies in my deejaying. I was never satisfied with my current skill level. I always wanted to learn a new skratch, new technique, new trick. I can always be a better deejay. Its so clear to me now.

My mission now is to tap all of my talents and continue to raise the bar in all aspects. I will be a better artist and painter. I will be a better deejay and producer. I will be stronger, thinner, and more muscular. All of these things are directly tied to my true happiness. I may never be satisfied, but I will be happy.

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