Monday, March 8, 2010

Wanna battle? DMC NOLA MMX 4/16

It’s that time once again. The DMC USA returns to New Orleans for another regional heat. This year I’ve changed the venue to the Hookah Club 301 Decatur St.

“Why did you switch the venue? The Howlin’ Wolf was dope last year!!!!!?” Some may say.

Well, there are a number of reasons. As comical as it may sound, first and foremost it was Air-Conditioning. You non-battler/party-goers, might not understand the physical effects of heat on your DJ battle contestants. Extreme heat and humidity make your hands sweat and can also make the records sweat. This makes handling the records and handling your nerves more difficult. The first DMC I entered was 2005 in Austin, TX at EMO’s. The battle was set up outdoors in the back patio area. Heat, sweat, records, outdoors, 6 hours in a car = NOT A GOOD LOOK!!!! That is what made air conditioning a top priority this year.

Since last year was my first rodeo, this time around I’m implementing new and awesome new steps to make this year’s event more enjoyable for everyone involved. The Hookah Club already hosts deejay events so we know they are contributing to deejay culture. Where as the Howlin’ Wolf is mainly a live music venue. After seeing how Christie Z ran the US Finals at the Santos Party house, I’m redoubling my efforts to recreate an event of that caliber.

Next most important issue is Audio/Video implementation. I wanted to have a video projector which would display my sponsor’s logos and other important and relevant information throughout the night. That couldn’t happen due to the problematic nature of setting up a projector inside the Howlin’ Wolf. The Hookah Club is already equipped with AV hookups and a digital projector so that made my decision easier.

Third most important reason is economy of space and comfort. This sort of draws on the air-conditioning element, but it more speaks toward the dynamic of the venue. Hookah Club is laid out in such a way that will make setting up vendor tables easy. It also has better interior design giving the spectator (you) a better place to relax. The relaxed atmosphere, air-conditioning, better sound, and better venue equal a more enjoyable experience for all.

My deciding factor was Gil and Emily. They have always whole-heartedly supported my endeavors. Emily is a friend, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with their resilience. All who frequented the old Hookah on Frenchman was saddened by the sudden closure. I had been closely following the saga of the Hookah with watchful-eyes and high-hopes. I was completely blown away once I saw the renovation. They were able to better re-create the atmosphere of the original Hookah Café in their new French Quarter locale. All that is missing is the fish tank, which, by the way, I hope they are able to restore. I’m proud to announce that this year’s DMC New Orleans Regional Heat take place at the newly renovated Hookah Club. It’s a club now since due to the tobacco laws they can unfortunately no longer serve food.

All of these carefully weighed factors went in to determining when & where this year’s battle would be held. It’s the perfect fit, and I have all intentions of DMC NOLA remaining here year after year.

On to the specifics:

DMC NEW ORLEANS Regional Heat 2010
Hookah Club
301 Decatur
New Orleans, LA 70xxx

8pm-12:30 am
18+ over
$15 presale $20 day of the event

I’ve got some interesting judging and showcase ideas for this year so watch this space.


FRIDAY April, 16th Two-thousand and TEN!!!


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